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Photographic Archive

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Request Form for Photographic Images from RTÉ Archives

Select Licence

Please select below your intended use of the selected images.
  • See rate card for full details on pricing.
  • If you do not intend to reproduce or publish the images, you will be charged for the image only.
  • Historical images carry 20% premium on both image and licence costs.
  • Images released for stated purpose only - further use requires new order.
  • Additional costs charged as indicated in rate card.

Licence Required

  • Media Production - Print
  • Media Production - Broadcast
  • Media Production - Multimedia
  • Media Production - Internet
  • Media Production - Other
  • Public Exhibitions

No Licence Required

  • Academic Research, reference only (no reproduction)
  • Professional Use, reference only (no reproduction)
  • Private Use, no reproduction